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We offer Methamphetamine Testing (Toxicology Reports) in Mount Maunganui to landlords and potential buyers with regards to contamination. We service Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke and surrounding areas in the Bay of Plenty

Why Test your home or building?

Even if some reports have found no major health risks to occupants living in low-level contaminated homes, there are still other reasons to get your rental property or potential new home tested.

  • As a landlord, getting a baseline meth test at every new tenancy provides supporting documentation that can be used at Tenancy Tribunal to prove who is responsible for any contamination if it is ever discovered.
  • As a home buyer, getting a meth test done as part of your due diligence when buying a home, will provide you with peace of mind that the value of your property and your family’s health are well protected.

Currently, many insurance companies are continuing to use the NZS8510:2017 level of 1.5μg/100cm² to decide on claims. The Ministry of Health has also continued to support a level of 1.5μg/100cm². Pro-Spect believes the NZS8510:2017 standard still remains the best practice guide for meth testing.
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Why Choose Meth Testing in Mount Maunganui?

It’s quite clear that meth or P is New Zealand’s number one, most easily accessible, class A drug of choice.  The negative effects of meth use and manufacturing not only affect the end-user, but also people in the community, property, and public resources.  The destructive nature of meth reaches far and wide throughout our community. What is still NOT clear, is what levels of contamination are unsafe for occupants in a home. A final consolidated answer to a nationally accepted safe level is pending. You may search online and come across a report written by Peter Gluckman (Ex-Chief Science Adviser of NZ) and case studies by Jackie Wright (Flinders University · Department of Environmental Health BE (Hons), (Ph.D.), and the very different views they have regarding meth contamination and its effects on health and whether or not meth testing is still worthwhile. Check out our article on Meth Testing Tauranga: Everything you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked regarding building inspection reports in Mount Maunganui

How much does Methamphetamine Testing cost in Mount Maunganui?

The cost of Methamphetamine Testing in Mount Maunganui varies based on the size of your property and the testing option chosen. Prices start at $199 for a Field Composite analysis in a 1-bedroom home. For detailed pricing and options, get an  Instant Quote 

Why is Meth Testing important for properties in Mount Maunganui?

Meth use and manufacturing can have detrimental effects on properties and occupants. Our testing services in Mount Maunganui provide peace of mind, ensuring the safety of your property and the well-being of your family.

What testing options are available in Mount Maunganui?

We offer three testing options in Mount Maunganui: Field Composite Analysis, Lab Composite Analysis, and Individual Sample Analysis. Each option caters to different needs, providing flexibility and reliability in testing.

How long does it take to get Meth Testing results in Mount Maunganui?

We prioritize efficiency and aim to respond promptly. The duration for receiving Meth Testing results in Mount Maunganui depends on the testing option chosen. For specific timelines, contact us for more information.

We also offer Healthy Home assessments & Building Inspections in Mount Maunganui

Methamphetamine test Pricing in Mount Maunganui

1 Bedroom Home


Field Composite

Up to 5 samples

2-3 Bedroom Home


Field Composite

6-10 Samples

4-5 Bedroom Home


Field Composite

11 – 15 Samples

Starting from


Lab Composite

Up to 5 samples

All Samples Are Sent To Analytica Laboratories For Analysis

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Starting from


Individual Analysis

$120 Per Sample (minimum 2)

Our Testing Options


Field Composite Analysis

Lab Composite Analysis

Individual Sample Analysis

Individual Sample Analysis

For results from individual sampling locations that are compliant with NIOSH 9111 and able to be used for decision making about remediation and decontamination.

- Analysis of individual wipes, with a detection limit of 0.02 ug/sample.

Field Composite Analysis

The lowest cost screening option, which allows for samples collected from multiple locations to be tested as a single sample. A return sampling visit is needed to collect individual samples if there is a high Field Composite test result.

- Up to 5 wipes are placed in a single sample tube for analysis.

- The result represents the total from all wipes in the composite.

- Our field composite analysis kits come with two tubes. One has 5 individual wipes allowing for a sampling process that follows the NIOSH 9111 method. Once samples are taken the second tube is available to locate the samples, this makes it easy to retrieve subsequent unused wipes from the initial tube.

- We also have an option to do a Laboratory composite analysis on two Field composite sample tubes (please contact us for further information on this option). Detection limit is 0.04 ug/sample.

Lab Composite Analysis

A screening option, which allows for an initial lower cost of testing multiple samples as a composite sample, while retaining the ability to test samples individually if needed without any further sampling.

- Individual wipe samples are collected by the sampler, and are extracted separately by the lab. However, instead of testing individually, a sub-sample of the individual extracts are combined into a composite sample for analysis.

- We can do up to 10 samples per lab composite.

- Sample extracts are retained for 3 weeks, and can be tested individually (on request) if a high composite analysis result means this is a preferred course of action.

- Detection limit is 0.02 ug/sample.

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